Being an introvert with big bold goals.


Did you know that I'm EXTREMELY introverted. The type of introvert that would be more than happy alone in a cabin, faraway in the mountains. With books. And wifi. But I don't think my family would be up for that haha.

I get asked how I built my business to be a multiple six figure organisation while being so introverted and to me, its simple. My DREAMS were bigger than my FEARS. Trust me, my fears were huge. But my dreams and determination to get there were so much bigger. 

I went to a Danielle LaPorte seminar a few years ago and someone asked her how do you be brave? Her answer was, that its hard. You either need to be sick and tired of where you are OR want something so bad. I was both. 

I was so sick and tired of being away from my kids all the time.

So sick and tired of being in a rush and run down all the time.

Sick of having anxiety through the roof, that I decided to be brave.

I also wanted SO bad to work from home and be with my kids, I wanted to travel the world and have a lifestyle freedom business. I also SO bad wanted to be Presidential Diamond and earn a million dollars a year. Because, why not?! I had big bold goals. (still do ;) ) 

So I did all the things. I did in person presentations and my voice wobbled the whole time. Ive done classes while nearly having an anxiety attack and Ive worked till midnight most nights in my launch year. Why? because my dreams were bigger than my fears.

Now I get to spend most days in my introverted bubble, living my best life. 

If you're an introvert with big bold goals, be brave. 

Big love,



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