How to grow a doTERRA business while travelling

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I often get asked how I grow my doTERRA business while on the road with three kids, so I thought I'd share some tips with you! Last year I travelled for six months with my family up the East Coast of Australia and we are currently on a ten week trip to Cape York. Last year I was ranked Platinum while travelling and was able to build my business to Diamond rank shortly after I returned. My organisation is currently growing steadily, all while travelling Australia with my tribe. Heres some of my tips: 

1. Go Online. 

What an incredible time we are living in that we can actually grow a successful business online! My business is primarily built online now and I regularly have online classes, blog posts and share my stories via Facebook and Instagram. I love sharing my stories about how the oils have changed our families lives and how we use them in our home and often have people reaching out and wanting to know more. I am also frequently having people wanting to know how they can live the lifestyle that I have created by travelling the world and growing a business and want to do what I have done, which I teach through my duplicatable mentor program. 

Online is simple, but also requires genuine connections with people by getting on the phone, answering enquiries and giving loads of value through posts. 

2. Make connections

This ones pretty easy when you're travelling. We are often meeting new people and making new connections on our travels. We don't throw the business opportunity or oils at them, but it frequently comes up and people generally want to know more. Thats when I can give them a few samples and refer them to my online platforms. My husband Rob is the talker and is often coming to me asking for a business card as someone wants to know more! haha. He thinks he could never sell oils, but without realising it he actually already is by just talking to people!

Meeting up with old friends, relatives or other team contacts to provide oil classes is also a really great way to grow your business! I often caught up with relatives and asked if they would be interested in hosting oil classes along the way. It was a great way to catch up and also share these beautiful oils with others. 

3. Looking for opportunities 

There are so many opportunities in new towns to run mini essential oil classes. Last year I often reached out to local community centres, wellness centres and other businesses that may have been interested in hearing more about the oils or possibly allowing me to teach an essential oils class there. I would often leave flyers or business cards on community notice boards and attended some local playgroups with the kids and had some information available for the other mums. There are so many opportunities available to share these beautiful oils with others!


“Anythings possible if you’ve got enough nerve”.
— JK Rowling

There are many other Wellness Advocates in my team that are currently travelling whilst building a very successful doTERRA business. You really can travel the world AND get paid. My business and income GROWS as I travel. How cool is that?!? Now my business is sustainable and solid, my main 'work' is online and taking calls. But I truly believe (have also seen and experienced) that you can build a doterra business while on the road. 

This has ALWAYS been my big goal from when I started my business. I wanted to travel Australia without spending all our savings. I wanted to do it with ease. No more rushing, no more stress. Just creating memories with our tribe. This business has changed so much for our family. We are no longer waiting for our couple of weeks leave per year. We have the freedom to live a life that we love. You can find out more about my story here

If this business interests you, I would love to chat with you. You can find out more about how to join my team here. 

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