Why everyone's crazy about doTERRA

If you haven't experienced these little bottles of plant magic, you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about, right?! Haven't essential oils been around forever (yeah they have)?! Why are doTERRA so special. Weeellll, I will tell you all about it. 


1. Healthy Homes

I receive daily stories about how the oils have helped families all over the world. From a baby having trouble sleeping, a child with behaviour issues, stress management for mamas, aches and pains for adults, removing toxins by making DIY cleaning and beauty products and SO MUCH MORE! There oils are incredible. Its a complete lifestyle change.

My small town has completely gone crazy for these oils. There are so many homes, classrooms, childcare centres, massage therapists, day spas, beauty therapists, foodies and others that have completely fallen in love with these oils. Often I have people say, "Kim , I heard you have (insert name) converted". But the truth is, I don't need to 'persuade' anyone. The oils do all the talking. They are making major impacts on peoples lives and they can't help but spread the word. 

People are going crazy about the oils, because they have changed their lives!!! 

Watch to learn more: 

2. The Quality. 

These are not just oils that you put in an oil burner and make your house smell nice. Although thats what I used to think essential oils are used for, with doTERRA there is SO much more you can do with them. (and they smell amazing). doTERRA are committed to make sure the oils are the highest quality available and that they are safe for us to use on our bodies.

When I first came across doTERRA, I read that oregano oil could be used for my daughters wart and Intune could assist with my sons concentration. With immediate results, I knew that I wanted to explore these oils further. There is no way that I would be using oils on my children without knowing more about the quality and purity.

To find out more, please watch: 

3. Healing Hands Foundation. 

When I found out about the global impact that these oils are making, I knew straight away that this was something I wanted to be part of. Going to Nepal earlier this year to see how the Wintergreen is harvested and assist in rebuilding a school was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I will never forget walking out of the bus into the community and hearing hundreds of people chanting 'doTERRA'. What this company has provided for this community brings tears to my eyes. Here is a clip from our trip to Nepal this year: 


4. The business 

Now, I want to make it clear that the doTERRA business opportunity is NOT the reason people usually start with doTERRA. People start with doTERRA for the oils and incredible products. I have thousands of wholesale members in my organisation and there are a smaller portion who have decided to do it as a business. Most of these are just women (some men) that have used the oils, have fallen completely in love with them and wanted to share with others. 

Did I mention that the business opportunity is actually bloody amazing?! This business has completely changed my families lives. When I started with doTERRA and decided that I wanted to share these oils with as many people as possible, initially I just wanted to be able to quit my job and stay at home more with the kids. 7 months later I was able to quit my job and then after 12 months my husband quit his job and we travelled Australia for 6 months. Read more about my story here. 

I adore this business opportunity clip about a beautiful family that went from broke to multiple 6 figures: 

5. The community

With doTERRA, you don't just get shipped some oils and left to work it out. You will be part of a community. There are incredible resources and information for those that just want to use the oils within their homes and live a natural lifestyle. You will be part of oil usage groups and communities that share many ways on how to incorporate the oils into your home. 

For those that do the business, you will find likeminded people that want to build a wellness business based on helping people. It is a community of heart centred entrepreneurs that have partnered with a beautiful company that truly want to make a difference. 

You don't just get the oils, you get us! xo 


How to get started? 

It all starts with some essential oils. To get started with doTERRA oils, please speak to your consultant that you know and love. If you have found doTERRA through me, please find out more about how to get started here

Kim xo 


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