Top Ten Kids Roller Blends


Most parents know how hard it can be when your child is sick… you just want to help them feel better! I have found the roller blends work wonders with mine and help them feel better! Whether they have a itchy bite, sick tummy or just can’t sleep, below are my Top Ten Roller Blends to use on the kids, all of these are in 10ml roller bottles:

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Help the Tummy

The is perfect to help the little ones with a bad tummy. Apply this roller blend anti clockwise over the belly and in belly button, or to the bottoms of their feet.


For the little ones suffering from the sniffles, apply this roller blend over their nose, feet or spine. Perfect in the winter or for a runny nose!

Annoying Itchies

We all know those little bites can be so annoying. Try dabbing a little on to the bite, or rolling it on, it should hopefully help them out!

Calming Roller

This one is great to help calm the little ones down. Simply roll on the back of their neck, on their feet or wrists and let the essential oils work.

Cough Cough

These are never nice.  Apply this blend to the bottoms of their feet to help with that annoying little cough.

Sleepy Head

A great one to use when trying to help them sleep. Apply to the bottoms of their feet to help them nod off into dreamy land.

Cranky Bear

A cranky child is not a happy child. Try this help and hopefully it helps turn the cranky bear into a happy bear!

Kid Focus

Help keep your child focused and calm with this great roller blend. Apply to their wrists or back of the neck.  

A Little Anxious

Kids get anxious too! Help the little one out with this roller blend. Apply to their wrists.

Immune Builder

A good one to use on a daily basis to help their immune systems! Apply to the bottoms of their feet.

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