10 Ways to Use the Passion Oil Blend

10 Ways to Use the Passion Oil Blend

This is one of my favourite blends, there is so much you do with with it and it makes you feel great! It ignites feelings of excitement, passion and joy!

This blend consists of a blend of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Rhizome, Clove Bud, Sandalwood Wood, Jasmine Flower, Vanilla Bean, and Damiana Leaf essential oils.

Here are just 10 ways to use the Passion oil blend...



passion oil blend

Want to wake up feeling energized and enthusiastic? Well add one to two drops to the diffuser and away you go!


Is your brain just too foggy to think straight or too much on your mind? Dab some Passion Oil Blend topically (or in a diffuser) and help clear up that cloud!


Let the Passion Oil Blend help you out in the workplace. Diffuse the Passion Oil Blend at work and bring a little more creativity and clarity to your day.  


For those struggling a little with blood circulation, to help increase it try rubbing the Passion Oil Blend on the bottoms of your feet.  


Passion Oil Love

Experiencing negative feelings or boredom? This fantastic little oil can work wonders when it comes to feeling a little bit down. Put some oil on your skin or in the diffuser and let the Passion Oil Blend pick you up!


What about some passion in the bedroom? Add 4 - 5 drops of the oil into the diffuser or even to the bottoms of your feet and help increase your libido and sexual performance.


A little low on energy some days or feeling depressed? Inhale some of the Passion Oil Blend from your cupped hands or diffuse aromatically and let the beautiful essential oil do its work.


A little tip for those women who struggle during the time of the month. Apply a little Passion Oil Blend to the lower stomach… you’re welcome :)

Passion Oil Kim Reid


Rubbing the Passion Oil Blend on your stomach also helps with digestion. For those who have a slow digestive system… by rubbing some of the oil on your stomach should help give it a boost!


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To find out how to get started with essential oils, please click here. 

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