Why Diffuse Essential Oils?

Why Diffuse Essential Oils

Nearly every doTERRA blend can be diffused! This is great as it allows us to use the oils to for their most noticeable characters, their scent!

By defusing the essential oils, we are able to use one of our most powerful senses, smell, which can influence our surroundings and the way we feel. The powerful blends of doTERRA allow us to be able to influence our emotions, simply by the oils we diffuse.


There are two main ways you can diffuse essential oils, these are: nebulizing (cold air) or ultrasonic (water).

“To diffuse in an ultrasonic diffuser, put cool tap water to the fill line and add at least two drops or more to the water. Then, choose the time setting you desire and let it run. Diffusing in a nebulizing diffuser is waterless: take the cap and orifice off of your bottle of essential oil and attach it to the diffuser and choose your settings for time and amount at a time.” - doTERRA.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a diffuser but do have some of the oils, there are others ways you can get the benefits! Simply add a few drops to your palms and cup over your nose whilst you inhale. This is another great way to use your sense of smell to get the benefits from the oils! Or, why not add a few drops to a spray bottle, with some water, and spray it around the room!

Other Uses

Some great benefits, other than simply smelling the oils, are:

Maintain feeling of clear breathing - Examples of oils include, Douglas Fir and Lavender.

Clear Breathing

Minimise effects of seasonal threats - Examples of oils include, doTERRA Breathe and Arborvitae.

Seasonal Threats

Purify the air in your home - Examples of oils include, Lemon, Lime and Juniper Berry.

Purify Home

So remember, diffusing oils can help us build positive memories and experiences! It is an excellent way to maximise the benefiits for the oils properties.

What is your favourite doTERRA diffuser?

To find out how to get started with essential oils, please click here. 

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