Life Long Vitality: An Overview


Did you know that doTERRAs #1 selling product isn't actually an essential oil?! Crazy huh? doTERRAs Life Long Vitality Supplements are extremely high quality and with such incredible overall benefits for your health and wellbeing, theres no wonder they're so popular! 


The Life Long Vitality pack includes 3 formulated supplements for our overall health: 


Alpha CRS+


  • Contains powerful polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals

  • Potent levels of botanical extracts

  • Supports healthy DNA and cell function

  • Helps protect cells against oxidative damage

  • Supports mental clarity and brain function with Ginkgo Biloba

  • Includes tummy tamer botanical extract

  • Contains powerful antioxidants including tumeric & milk thistle.


xEO Mega



  • Provides ultra pure essential fatty acids and other fat soluble nutrients that supports the heart and has many system benefits.

  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous system & immune function

  • Supports healthy function of the brain

  • Promotes healthy skin and connective tissues

  • Supports joint function & comfort

  • Supports muscle strength & endurance

  • Formulates with marine and plant omega fatty acids, natural vitamin D & E and oil blend of clove, frankincense, thyme, wild orange, peppermint & ginger.


Micro Plex VMz



  • An all natural, whole food formula of vitamins and minerals that are deficient in our modern diets.

  • Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Sourced from whole foods

  • Supports healthy metabolism and cellular energy.

  • Supports healthy digestion.

  • Supports bone health with calcium

  • Whole food botanical blend of broccoli, spirulina & kelp.


Want to know how to get these supplements for FREE?

(Promotion available from July 16th- August 31st 2017 conditions here

1. Start with a doTERRA enrolment kit here. 

2. Set up a Loyalty Rewards order for the following month for 100pv. (approx $140) 

3. You will be sent a pack of the Life Long Vitality supplements for free. Please check out further information here, or Contact me!! 



Testimonials from doTERRA Customers: 

I experience a very noticeable boost in my energy and no longer felt that 'dark cloud' of gloominess and lethargy hanging over me. It was such a noticeable difference.                             -Karina Sammons

I have noticed a significant increase in my mental focus and energy since starting LLV. I also sleep much better. Unlike other supplements that upset my stomach and left me wondering if they were doing anything for me, I used doterra supplements from day one with no stomach upset and noticeable results. doterra supports my goal of getting better as I age. -Peggy Smith

A few things I noticed early in the process: my nails were stronger, my hair softer and shinier, and I felt radiant and well. People make comments to me all the time. have had the pleasure of sharing this with friends who were so impressed that they had to give it a try.
-Renee Bunchier

I noticed a huge increase in energy and much more restful sleep. I feel like I am an overall healthy person who exercises regularly and takes care of myself. They have served me well and I will definitely continue to use them!


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