My Top Reads For 2016

My Top Reads For 2016
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I love to read all things business, mindset, self development and wellness. When I was launching my business in 2015 I dived into any self development book I could get my hands on. With my travels this year and overall taking things a little bit slower, I haven't really read as much. But there were 5 books that I read this year that would be my top picks and would love to recommend.


1. Money & Mindfulness: Living In Abundance
Lisa Messenger

Money And Mindfulness

I'm going to be embarrassingly honest here and say that until late 2015, I had never heard of Lisa Messenger. She was one of the keynote speakers at a Women's Wellness event and when I heard her speak, I was an instant #1 fan girl. 

I bought ever book that was still available, religiously follow her on social media, buy every Collective magazine and wanted to soak up all her inspirational entrepreneurial energy.

Early this year I read her money book and it really opened up my eyes to my own personal views on money. I've always been a bit uncomfortable with money, but knew I needed lots of it to make a big impact in this world. This book really tackles the stigma associated with money, touches on minimalism and not needing so much 'stuff' and lots of important business tips around money, risk & resilience.

2. Light Is The New Black
Rebecca Campbell

Light Is The New Black

This is one of the most 'spiritual' books that I have read and the whole way through I had entire body goosebumps. This book is all about following what lights you up and shining your light and sharing it with the world. This is the perfect book for anyone that wants to get clear on their purpose and to move closer towards doing what they love. This is a book I'll be reading again and am looking forward to reading Rebecca's new book: Rise Sister Rise in 2017.

3. Mastering Your Mean Girl
Melissa Ambrosini

Mastering Your Mean Girl

This is a beautiful love guide for being healthier, wealthier and happier. Melissa is one of the first ever wellness bloggers I started following and probably a pretty big influence for me starting my health coaching studies. This book goes into mastering your mean girl (ego, inner critic) and choosing love. This would be a perfect book for anyone really new to the self-development world and also has some beautiful reminders about choosing love over fear.

4. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear To Faith
Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back

This book also has a very clear message around ditching your fears for love and faith. There are loads of ways to work through your fears with lots of meditation and Kundalini yoga practises to use in everyday situations. I love reading Gabrielle's real-life examples on how to switch your thoughts from fear based, when things are crap and how to trust that the universe has your back!


5. Rock Your Network Marketing Business
Sarah Robbins

Rock Your Network Marketing Business

I love reading and listening to all things network marketing, as it always inspires me and gets me fired up. When I hear that Sarah was a former shy Kindergarten teach and now a successful seven figure earner with her network marketing business, I had to get a copy of her book.

Sarah shares her personal stories and also her business strategies in a really easy to read, simple format. I would recommend this for anyone currently in or considering being involved in Network Marketing.

I'm looking forward to getting into some more reading for 2017.
Do you have any books you can recommend?

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