Hi lovely! I’m Kim.

I’m the founder of The Freedom Tribe and a business coach for women creating change in their life. I spend my days as an essential oil educator, using the purest oils in the world, while constantly dreaming up big hearted ideas to create more freedom, fun and flow in my business and life. I’m also a proud mama and wife to 3 beautiful kids and an amazing man, who always supports those crazy ideas that I have!

What started as a tiny whisper for more freedom and fulfilment in my life, led to a total transformation for myself and my family.

It was 2015 and I stuck in the 9 - 5 grind in an executive job. To the outside world I had it all - a teaching degree, a management position, a constantly “busy but successful” schedule. But inside, I felt lost.

I felt disconnectedUnaligned.
As if I was always rushing and never really living.

I was constantly feeling a nudge to design a life that had more adventure, flow and freedom. I wanted the flexibility to work from home or pack up my family and hit the road in a caravan across Australia, creating memories that we’d have forever.

But, I had no idea how to make it all happen.


So, I did what anyone else has done when questioning how to design their dream life - I took my very first step to make a change.

That first step led me to start studying as a health coach and through my study I came across doTERRA essential oils. I had used essential oils before, but only to diffuse and make my home smell nice. I had no idea at the time just how wonderful and versatile they were.

Like a constant whisper from the universe, these beautiful oils kept popping up in my life, so I decided to order some and learn more.

I was completely blown away by the results and impact these oils had for my family and I.

From healing my daughter’s stubborn plantar wart to boosting my son’s concentration during school, I could see an immediate difference. I knew then and there that I wanted these oils in my life!

When I further discovered the business opportunity with doTERRA, I was mind blown.

I couldn’t believe that you could use these bottles of bliss to build a 6 or even 7 figure business! I could see why these oils were inspiring so many beautiful people. I was in.

Growing my essential oil business to reach 6 figures took determination, passion and a strong dream to create a business and life of freedom, but there were a few bumps along the way…these bumps were undeniably worth it!

When I started out I was scared in so many ways. I was scared people would judge me for starting a direct selling business when I was living the corporate dream of “success”. I was scared of teaching classes and public speaking. I was scared I would fall on my face and fail.

So I quit on day one.

I had ordered my oils, gotten so overwhelmed with fear and doubt and simply said ‘nope, I can’t do this!’

My excuses piled up. I’m too busy. I’ve got kids and will never find time. It’s easier staying in a salary job.

But just as our purpose and big dreams do, I couldn’t shift away from dreaming of the life I truly wanted. The desire inside to be my own boss and create more freedom and a better lifestyle for my family would not leave my heart.

I could see the opportunity to make all of this happen. All I had to do was take action and move forward, despite my fears.

And that’s exactly what I did.

“My biggest fear in life is saying no to an opportunity then regretting it.
I would rather say yes and fail at it than say no and regret it”.
- Sir Richard Branson

Since starting doTERRA I’ve been blessed to:

Quit my job and be home with my family each day

Travel beautiful Australia for 6 months with the kids, hubby and I in a caravan

Earned doTERRA trips to the US, New Zealand, Fiji & Nepal! 

Create a 6 figure business in 12 months (now multiple 6 figures)

Support my husband to quit his high pressure 12 hour day job so he can work part time doing what he loves

Moved to the Sunshine Coast by the beach, living our dream! 

Have a business that I absolutely adore working on every single day with over 10,000 members in my organisation and rising!!! 

We have created a life of complete freedom. We have more time with our kids, financial freedom and the flexibility and support to design a life that we love.

I’ve also created a rising team of women; a strong sisterhood who are choosing doTERRA in their lives too. My team The Freedom Tribe make me grateful everyday for the chance to support these women to create their own version of freedom. As the founder of The Freedom Tribe, I mentor women (and sometimes men) to duplicate my business and design a life they truly love. You can learn more about my beautiful team right here.

My dream is bigger than my business

My journey building my business through doTERRA has allowed me to follow a deep passion to help and support others. I not only get to mentor and support women from across the globe, but I also use my business to provide philanthropic work with doTERRAs Healing Hands Foundation.

I truly believe that if I didn’t listen to my intuition, focus on my dream and move forward despite my fears, that I would not be where I am today. Taking the first step towards the dream life I craved was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve done….and I have never looked back. Kim x