6-Figure Mums
If they can do it, so can you!


Meet Erin Blott

Erin shares her journey to doTERRA Diamond while also working full time and with 2 children.

Meet Hayley Wiese

Hayley Wiese speaks about her 11 month journey to Diamond and what it has meant for her family.

Here's what other women in my team are saying...

Working with Kim is one of the most empowering things I've done for myself.

Choosing to join her & having her as my coach is what I feel has made me the person I am in my business. I love that she leads by example, doesn't try to be your boss & inspires by demonstrating the skills required to be amazing not just in our business but also in life.

I am so greatful to have been able to work with Kim, be mentored by her & also attend her trainings. I am now able to step into leadership in my own way & it's because of the leader Kim has been to me”

Rani Darby
- The Blessed Goddess.

Kim Reid is the absolute embodiment of a graceful leader.

Her quiet and steady determination, her trust in both herself and her vision, and her incredible work ethic make her an asset and an aspiration to her team. I'm so inspired by Kim's journey, and everyday I thank my lucky stars that this beautiful woman stepped into my business; our collaboration, and mostly importantly, our friendship, means the world to me’.

Tara Bliss
- Presidential Diamond doTerra Leader

Kim Reid has been a fabulous mentor

Kim Reid has been a fabulous mentor and been nothing but supportive in my business. Kim has created systems to help you work your way from novice to expert in no time. Absolutely love working with one of my besties everyday

Anastasia Adam.

doTERRA has been the absolute best addition to both of our lives.

Deciding to share them with the world through the business has been the best decision of our lives and we are so grateful for the incredible support and encouragement that Kim has given us on this amazing journey!

Amanda & Bec Sweeney
- My Best Me

If there’s one person you want to guide you -
it's Kim Reid.

If there's one person you want to guide you through launching your DoTERRA biz — and launching with clarity, confidence and momentum — it’s Kim Reid. 

Every element of Kim’s mentorship bleeds devotion, integrity and inspiring been-there-done-it know-how and having her in my corner was everything I needed to mobilise my own beautiful biz onto its exciting trajectory.

Jenna Fairbairn
- Radiant Sprout. 

Kim is an incredible leader and mentor.

She is compassionate, reasonable, understanding and inspiring. Kim has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a successful business with doTERRA. She is a "doer" and knows how to get the work done. She inspires positive results and collaborating with her has made such an incredible difference to my business. I am so grateful for her insights and friendship on my journey so far.

Erin Sellars

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